We see the value of hiring recent graduates who know the latest industry trends, have fresh ideas and the aptitude to be successful in our organization.

Upon acceptance graduates  will be placed into a managerial role. We are committed to providing a progressive career path with a developmental fast track approach with a promotion in as little as 12-18 months. A campus direct hire who joins our company will likely not have relevant experience and will be unfamiliar with the IHM way, but they will be assigned 2 mentors who will offer career guidance, advice and assistance in their new role.

Locations Nationwide

Whether you’re looking to move to the Northeast, West Coast or Midwest, we’ve got you covered. With over 160 hotels, we have options for you all over the US with flexibility to relocate throughout your career with us.

A Development Timeline

Training is an essential part of developing Island’s future leaders. Campus Direct has a unique, clear-cut path to ensure that those in our program are equipped with the knowledge and skills to have a successful career. 

On-going Mentoring

A mentor will be assigned to you throughout every step of the process, ensuring your continuous development throughout the program.

Unique Networking Opportunities

With over 160 hotels nationwide and 18 different brands, this program will give you the ability to gain diverse experience across the industry and attend conferences and events

Opportunities for Growth

Each Campus Direct participant enrolls in Pathways of Leadership – our training program that will equip you with the knowledge necessary to be a competent leader in this industry. For more information click here.

Experience with the best hotel brands

Island Hospitality is one of the largest and most successful hospitality management companies in the US hotels from coast to coast. 

We know that it’s not our buildings that make us successful, it’s our people! We look for people that are seeking a career, not just a job. Our core purpose is to provide an environment for our people to flourish. We believe in working hard and having fun.